Bolivia is in South America, south of the Equator. Bolivia remains the poorest country in South America after the Guyanas even though The country is rich in natural resources. This has been attributed to high levels of corruption and the role of foreign powers in the country since colonization. Bolivia is also one of the least developed countries in South America. Population density ranges from less than one person per square kilometer in the southeastern plains to about ten per square kilometer (twenty-five per sq. mi) in the central highlands.

In 2010 the population of Bolivia was estimated at 9,012,088 people, almost two-thirds of which live in poverty. Many are subsistence farmers. There is only one physician for every 2348 inhabitants, and the infant mortality rate is among the highest in South America. While Bolivia has a comprehensive social insurance plan, it covers less than half of the working population. Diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and tuberculosis are very common. The average life expectancy is only 65.7 years.

Bolivia is truly a land of diversity, not only in culture but also in landscape. It boasts the highest navigationable lake (Lake Titicaca at 12 507 feet), the highest large city (La Paz at 11 900 feet) and the highest airport in the world (located in Le Paz). It’s highest point is 22 700 feet (Ancohuma). Contrasting to the massive, majestic Andes on the West, is the thick Amazon jungles to the east at Sea Level. Because of the altitudinal variation, weather is unpredictable. Because it is located south of the Equator, the seasons are opposite to what we are used to, with cold temperatures peaking in June and July, and warm temperatures prevalent in November.


The team helped build a bridge necessary for crossing the river.
Team travel in Bolivia.
Driving through deep waters created by unusually large waterfalls.
Volunteers Lindsay Schimpf & Anne-Marie Summerhays with Kenyan twins
Tom Forti demonstrates ambu bag.
Medical ZTeam Bolivia with Child
Medical Team Bolivia with Child
Medical Team Bolivia
Medical Team Bolivia with Children
International Medical Team Bolivia
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