How do I volunteer ?

How do I volunteer for a Project Helping Hands Medical Team ?

The first step is to review the teams that are currently available.  You will find them listed on the "Home Page" of our website.  As you begin to read about each of the volunteer opportunities you will discover that we offer a variety of experiences.  These opportunities range from what we rate as "Mild" to "Extreme" teams.   

The "Extreme" teams are the ultimate in the area of "Adventure With Heart".  Typically traveling teams do not stay in the same location each night, and offer very few amenities in regard to electricity, running water, showers etc...   An example of an extreme team would be the "Jungle" teams that we offer in Bolivia.  The areas reached by these types of teams will take you into regions of the world that are seen by very few people, and the need for assistance by residents of these areas are tremendous.  This type of travel can include any number of modes of transportation!   ie...  Plane, Bus, 4wd Suv's, Boats, Rafts, Canoes, and of course your own two legs with a pack on your back!      Here is a VIDEO LINK of a Bolivia Extreme team in action!

A "Moderdate" team would not have such a high level/degree of travel and you typically stay several nights in the same location.  An example of a Moderate level team would be our "Oyugis Kenya" teams.   With the Oyugis trip the team stays in the same location each night and does have amenities such as electricity and running water where they stay.  This team does have a high level of physical activity condisering that it is a three mile hike each to reach the clinic location each day.  Here is a PHOTO LINK showing photos from a previous trip to Oyugis Kenya!

A "Mild" level team typically stays at the same location each day and has minimal travel once they are at their destination.  An example of a Mild team would be the "Kampala Uganda" team.  This team stays at a very nice Hotel in Kampala and are transported each day to "Kawempe" which is a slum region on the outskirts of Kampala.   The need is extreme for the residents of Kawempe and you will be very busy with clinical activities from the moment you arrive at the clinic site to the end of each day.  This team typically treats upwards of 2,000 patients during their two week mission trip. Here is a PHOTO LINK showing photos from a previous trip to Kampala Uganda!

Once you have made your decision on the "Level" of team that you wish to participate in, and the particular team that you wish to apply to you will need to complete our on-line volunteer application form and pay the $300.00 trip deposit fee.

If selected the deposit is applied toward the total cost of your trip.  If not selected you have three options. 

  1. Donate the funds to the Project Helping Hands General Fund
  2. Apply the funds as a deposit toward another trip
  3. Request a refund

Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by a PHH staff person letting you know we have received it. Once the posted deadline for team applications has passed, the team leader will contact you and let you know whether or not you will be accepted to participate on that team. Volunteers chosen must be willing to provide a current medical license (health care providers only), provide basic health and medical information about themselves and sign/submit a medical consent form, and sign a trip participant consent form.  Once you have been accepted to a team you are not eligible for a refund of the Deposit fee or any other payments that you have made toward the cost of your trip.

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