Donation Options

Life Blood Donor Program!

With our life blood donor plan you can sign up to make an automatic monthly/quarterly/annual donation to our General Fund where the proceeds will be used in the area of greatest need.   You can specify the amount you wish to donate starting at $10.00/$50.00/$100.00 or more on a recurring basis by following THIS LINK!

Be sure and specify the donation amount by selecting the appropriate box or fill in the "Other" amount option.  We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit corporation and your donation/s is/are tax deductable.  You will receive a tax deduction receipt and a Thank You shortly after making your donation to Project Helping Hands.   We can not accomplish our goals without the continued support of our Donors and Volunteers gracious acts of giving and sacrifice.
Health Education
  • $20 Buys the book “Where There is No Doctor” written in the native language for a health care provider
  • $25 Buys 5 over-sized story books to be read and given to children in the villages we serve.
  • $100 Buys 100 boxes of four crayons for children
  • $735 Buys 1000 culturally appropriate coloring books that teach preventive health measures for children. The books are also printed in their native language.
Health Care
  • $10 Buys enough antibiotics to treat nine people
  • $25 Buys enough medication to treat worms for over 300 people.
  • $40 Will pay for an appendectomy.
  • $100 Pays the rental for a truck to carry five medical team members during a medical mission.
  • $200 Will repair a child’s cleft palate.
  • $500 Will pay for shipping of donated medications worth $20,000—enough medicine to treat about 1400 people.

Other Ways to Give

 Project Underpants

  • $10 will buy one PUPS pack for a girl in Uganda which includes:
         -- Two pairs of cotton underpants
         -- One reusable sanitary napkin
        -- a bar of soap
         -- a flyer about feminine hygiene     DONATE HERE!

Adopt a Village

$100 will provide medicine and care for one village on a mission trip.  DONATE HERE!

Donate and Join a Team

  • Signing up to give $300 per month gives you the opportunity to apply to join any of the Project Helping Hands Medical Teams at no additional cost to you.*
  • Donating $200 per month will cut the price of a trip in half for you*

    *The cost of the trip must be paid in full before a volunteer can go on that trip.


Corporate Sponsorship
  • A health care (or other) organization that donates $10,000 can choose an employee to join a medical team.
    (PHH must approve all team members.) 


For more information contact:

Ken Weaver, Director of Operations
707 951-2188