Health Education for Children & Adults

Health Education for Children

Project Helping Hands has developed culturally appropriate education materials for all the countries we serve. Children get coloring books, and crayons and are read a story from an over-sized storybook that is given to the village to keep after the story is read. The children’s education program includes: hand-washing; brushing teeth; the importance of staying clean; healthy eating; the importance of exercise and learning; worm prevention; self-esteem and; basic injury/wound-care.

When providing the health education a team will distribute 750-1000 coloring books and will provide one story book for each village served (which can be 5 villages or more in remote parts of Bolivia). In areas where services are provided in larger cities (such as Port au Prince) a team will easily distribute 1000+ coloring books with crayons and 5 story books.

Adults learn about nutrition, body mechanics, worms, sex ed, HIV/AIDS, first aid, clean water and how to build latrines.