Our Partners

Project Helping Hands depends on many other organizations and individuals. Without partners, we would not be able to provide these valuable medical services in third world countries. Although Project Helping Hands itself has no religious affiliation, we do partner with Christian missions in some countries we serve because these organizations have a presence on the ground. Our partners are aware of the fact that many PHH team members are not religious or Christian and know we are not there to "evangelize." Below is a list of our partners by country served:


Cup of Cold Water Ministries, http://www.ccwm.org/. Cup of Cold Water Ministries is a community-based, non-denominational Christian organization that began in 1978 with the modest goal of helping small Bolivian farmers in the lower Andes have better transportation for their produce. Today, CCWM sponsors ministries in four countries.


OIKOS: Families of Hope, Patrick Murunga, palumu02@gmail.com, and David Agola, dave_agola@yahoo.com
Dentist: Gideon Okoth, gideonokoth@gmail.com



The Nehemiah Foundation, Will Cabernera, www.nehfi.org. Nehemiah Foundation International (NFI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty for subsistence farmers in rural Filipino villages through agricultural education, access to affordable modern machinery and low interest loans.


World Outreach Ministry Foundation, http://www.womf.org/, Dave and Darlene: davescamp@comcast.net.


Miracle Centre Kawempe, Pastor Robert Nabulere, www.miraclecenterk.org, mckawempe@yahoo.com. The Miracle Centre is a church near the slums of Kawempe, Uganda. Their mission: Reaching Our World with God’s Love in Action. Their Miracle Destiny School is a Christian grade school founded in May 2008 that now serves close to 150 children, most of whom come from families living in poverty.

Eastern Africa in general

Dr. Greg Higgins, www.kiliorphanage.com