Volunteer Medical & Health Education Teams

Project Helping Hands sends teams of volunteers to provide medical care and health education for people in developing nations. The key to these teams' success is the commitment they bring to impact people in a life-changing, even life-saving way. Beyond treating illness, disease, trauma and providing care, the teams educate locals and village health care providers with a goal of seeing them become self-sufficient.

Teams are composed of volunteers, both medical and non-medical, who are willing to commit two weeks of time to provide this medical care and education. Team members must apply to join one of the Project Helping Hands teams and, if selected to be a part of the team, are responsible for raising funds to pay for their trip as well as assist with the collection of needed medications and medical supplies.

Each trip is unique. We cater to the sense of adventure as well as the desire to provide humanitarian medical care. Team members often find themselves travelling via land or boat to remote locations. Many teams will experience rugged conditions which may include hiking, boating, sleeping on floors, and staying in areas without electricity or running water. Opportunities to experience the culture of the people and enjoy the country are provided.

PHH provides a safe environment where team members are well taken care of and the food is always good. In addition, volunteers explore parts of the world very few people see while interacting with locals in a way that’s not possible when travelling as a tourist. Another benefit is the bond that develops among team members and with locals that transcends language and borders.

In 2013 PHH sent more than 225 volunteers on fifteen mission trips providing medical care for nearly  25,000 people in six developing nations. In 2014 PHH expects to sponsor fourteen teams with a total of over 250 volunteers.

PHH founder, Jeff Solheim a registered nurse, says the mission statement is simple: “Our goal is to provide quality health care where there is none and develop locally operated clinics in these locations. We also strive to provide an unforgettable personal growth opportunity for the volunteer.”


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